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Writing: Overview

Writing Experience

KeyboardAs a full-time writer with over 15 years of experience, I've detailed numerous subjects, but perhaps none more so than the story of how businesses use technology. Other writing topics of interest include usability, travel, information security, computer crime, regulatory compliance, careers and business management.

My homepage features recent and selected writing. For a chronological look at what I've written and links to work, see my story archives (featuring selections back to 1999).

My previous corporate writing and editing clients have included Cambridge College, for its view book and annual report; insurance company SBLI, for whom I rewrote or wrote fresh all of the content on its website for a redesign; Intel, a white paper and technology report client; Fortune Magazine; as well as numerious computer security vendors and associations. Today I regularly also author reports, case studies and marketing materials for a number of consulting companies, standards bodies, and high-technology firms.

Where I've been published:
  • bMighty.com
  • Boston Business Journal
  • The Boston Globe
  • Business Intelligence Journal
  • Cambridge College Annual Report
  • Cambridge Information Network (CIN)
  • CIO Insight
  • Client/Server Computing
  • CNN.com
  • Computerworld
  • Enterprise Systems
  • e-Securities (Securities Industry News)
  • Fodor's Travel Guides
  • Forbes.com
  • Fortune Magazine
  • HSPstreet.com
  • InformationWeek.com
  • Information Security Magazine
  • InformIT.com
  • IT Compliance Institute
  • SearchSecurity.com
  • Software Magazine
  • theglobe.com
  • The Times of London
  • Wired News
Topics I've covered with frequency:

Features & Research:

News, Columns, More:

  1. Technology trends
  2. Information security
  3. IT careers
  4. Business & management
  5. Future technology
  6. Usability & website makeovers
  1. Breaking news
  2. Gadgets (reviews)
  3. Case studies
  4. User profiles
  5. Day-in-the life
  6. Travel writing

More: A chronological list of all stories I've written is available in my story archives.

Mathew Schwartz

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