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About Me, About the Site

Overview: Mathew J. Schwartz

Mathew J. Schwartz PhotographOrigin-wise, I'm a native of Chicago, but have had the good fortune to live in Boston, upstate New York, Dublin, two fantastic French cities -- Paris and Toulouse --and since 1997 have lived in the United Kingdom, first in Oxford, and now in St. Andrews, in Scotland's Kingdom of Fife.

Work-wise, I'm the managing editor for Europe for Information Security Media Group, for which I cover a range of computer security, technology, privacy and related topics. In the past, I've covered not just computer security and information technology, but also business, politics, culture, careers, usability and travel.

Over the years, my writing has appeared in such publications as the Boston Globe, Computerworld, Forbes.com, Information Security Magazine, InformationWeek, The Times of London, and Wired News. See my writing archive for links to recent and historical work. I've also contributed to the Fodor's Paris guide, among other travel publications.

My corporate clients have included various vendors, manufacturers, standards organizations and consulting companies based in the United State and Europe, including Accenture, Cisco, Fortune Magazine, Intel, Ounce Labs, Nielsen Norman Group and Symantec, amongst others.

To contact me, email Mat@PenandCamera.com.

Resume & Biography

For a quick background, information on awards and other details, please see my short biography.

Completists can also view my resume (as a PDF file or in HTML format). Or contact me for samples (via email) of white papers, reports and other material that I've authored.


My photographs have appeared in such publications as The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly, typically by way of dust jacket author photograhs. My images have also appeared in the odd annual report, travel websites and on the cover of the very belated second CD from the Irish rockers Cactus World News.

About This Site

What is this site?
This site highlights my writing & photography work, as well as the occasional foray into graphic design.

What's new?
For recent changes, check out my Updates page.

Why the name PenandCamera?
Room to grow. As I transitioned in 2001 from being a full-time senior editor and features writer for a weekly magazine to a life of freelance and fun, I wanted something that connoted where I wanted to go. Most of my work today involves writing or editing, which can be done for anyone, from anywhere. But the photography does make an appearance, professionally speaking, not least to illustrate my travel stories.

How did you arrive at the design?
Two ways. The first was to add some visual impact to a largely text-based site, by getting a large photograph "above the fold" -- visible when someone first loads the homepage.

The second was to borrow, borrow, borrow. My friend Maria Korolov, also a freelance financial features writer, shared some great ideas. I also borrowed from the musings/examples of Jakob Nielsen (for whom I later freelanced for five years) and his Useit site, which should be pretty obvious once you click over there. And thematically, my wordplay muse (and cocktails consultant) Emily Yacus coined the site name for me.

Suggestions always appreciated.

Mathew Schwartz